For the last 20 years, the mining industry has been using many types of 3D visualization and 3D animation to explain and visualize its underground and open pit projects.

A junior mining company could use 3D animation to attract potential investors by visualizing its underground ore bodies to showcase the size of its reserve and resources.

A midcap mining company could use 3D animation to show its expansion plans for their mining facility.

A large cap or a multinational mining company could use 3D animation to create an accurate representation of the project to explain their plan to concerned local communities and governments.

A mining 3D visualization is a perfect tool to show and visualize future plans, and to show underground resources that wouldn’t be possible to show with any other technology.

For the general public and non-technical individuals, it is almost impossible to read and recognize technical data and information that a qualified geologist or mining engineer can understand.

3D visualization and 3D animations can help to explain complex engineering projects to a non-technical audience. Examples of use of 3D visualizations in mining industries are:

  1. Visualization of underground mineral ore bodies
  2. Visualization of the mine site and mining facilities
  3. Mining properties flyover